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Brian C. Mendes' 25 year career as a Professional Drummer was put on hold due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Brian's sister-in-law, a professional photographer, noticed his natural talent for video editing  after seeing his drum channel on YouTube and encouraged him to pursue videography.  With his artistic eye and love for expression, he quickly grasped the art of videography and how to capture the moment, the vibe, and the tale to be told through this medium. Thus born, Clear Lens Media....


Brian's father served in the US Air Force for 23 years as a Master Sergeant, during this time they moved around a lot. Brian was born in England, and also lived in Massachusetts, Arizona, California, and Texas. Moving from state to state wasn't fun or ideal for him as a child but it gave him the skills he needed to adapt, adjust, make friends, and make the best out of any situation. These skills have proved to be important in his role as a videographer. He strives to make his clients feel at home and relaxed while working them, which is important because not everyone feels comfortable in front of a camera. Brian brings a certain calm to the room which allows his clients to be themselves and shine. 

Photo by Jake Rabin Photography
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